Dec. 18, 2018

Adam guests on Forgotten Maverick (Dallas Mavs Archives) - AIR088

Adam guests on Forgotten Maverick (Dallas Mavs Archives) - AIR088

My friend, Mike Fraler, host of Forgotten Maverick (now Mavs Archives) invited me on his show.

We discuss how our podcasts came to be and reminisce about our love of NBA history. I also discuss my 1994 and 1995 trips to the USA, and how luck wasn’t on my side – both times I visited the States, Michael Jordan was in the midst of his first retirement. Fancy some NBA trivia? Listen in and test your knowledge against mine.

As the name of Mike's podcast cleverly suggests, he chats with Dallas Mavericks players of years gone by. Mike’s twin brother, Jeff, has his own NBA-history podcast: Forgotten Lakers, Are you sensing a theme? If you enjoy my podcast, you’ll certainly enjoy Mike's and Jeff’s.

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