Dec. 18, 2017

Adam on holidays - episodes return, mid-January, 2018

Adam on holidays - episodes return, mid-January, 2018

Hey, it’s Adam here. A quick note to advise you that I’ll be away on holidays for the next-three weeks. As I record this here in Australia, it’s December 19th, 2017. My wife and I fly to the USA tomorrow. We’re visiting New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you live near any of those cities and would be interested in meeting-up for a quick coffee, I’m all for it. Our first stop is New York - we’ll be attending the 76ers @ Knicks game on Christmas Day @ Madison Square Garden.

My podcast will return in mid-to-late January, 2018. As I’ve previously stated, my goal is to release episodes fortnightly - at worst - weekly, at best.

Most likely – hearing this - you already subscribe to my show. Thanks so much for continuing to listen and supporting my passion. I have plenty of great guests lined up in 2018. Numerous topic-based episodes, too. Further, we’ll continue our special #NB series.

I welcome your interaction – feel free to e-mail me: I’m always happy to discuss our mutual love of NBA history.

Have a great 2018 and I look forward to releasing plenty of new and exciting content for you, as the year goes on. All the best and thanks once more for being a listener of the show. Merry Christmas / happy holidays!

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