May 23, 2023

Beef Brothers (Mahorn and Ruland) - 2023 Conference Finals, NBA lottery, Ja Morant and Rick on Isiah - BB6

Beef Brothers (Mahorn and Ruland) - 2023 Conference Finals, NBA lottery, Ja Morant and Rick on Isiah - BB6
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The legendary Beef Brothers (Rick Mahorn and Jeff Ruland) return for episode six.

01:49 2023 NBA Draft Lottery - Wemby to San Antonio Spurs
06:21 Ralph Sampson (and Bill Walton) - similarities to Victor?
07:16 Manute Bol was how old when he joined NBA?! Chuck Nevitt mention!
08:37 Bill Garnett ('82 Draft - pick #4) and Jeff Ruland have beef!
09:09 Rick offers Jeff tissues to get over the incident!
09:33 Ja Morant brandishing a weapon (again) on social media
13:27 Lakers and Nuggets - West Finals discussion
15:03 Mile-high (in Denver) or just high?
16:28 76ers' woes - fallout from Embiid's comments after ECSF G7
18:21 Heat and Celtics - East Finals breakdown (Beef Brothers masterclass)
20:12 Do the Heat need a Herro?
20:42 Coach Erik Spoelstra's impact
21:22 Setting Suns?
21:58 Rick and Jeff's on documentaries (don't ask Horn about The Last Dance!)
24:01 Adam looks like Andy Cohen?! It's an Aussie roast!
24:20 Listener question: Rick's opinion of Isiah Thomas (after The Last Dance)
25:38 Listener question: Jeff on battling Darryl Dawkins and Buck Williams
26:45 Rick's a big Chocolate Thunder fan. Buck Williams? Not so much!
27:50 Horn does his best impression of the Aussie accent!

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