April 10, 2020

ESPN's The Last Dance (Guests: Nate Bellamy and Nigel Miguel) - AIR099

ESPN's The Last Dance (Guests: Nate Bellamy and Nigel Miguel) - AIR099

Let's welcome Nate Bellamy Jr. and Nigel Miguel back to the show. They joined me on episode 75 to discuss Space Jam’s 20th anniversary. Prior to that, Nigel was my guest for episode 68. I encourage you to check out those great episodes, too.

Today, we’re chatting about ESPN's highly anticipated, 10-part documentary series, The Last Dance. Its focus is Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ 1998 season.

For the context of this podcast chat, Nigel’s relationship with MJ goes way back to 1981 when they were both McDonald’s HS All-Americans. Nate met MJ on the set of the TV commercial, Hare Jordan, in September, 1991. Nate and Nigel share great insight and reflect on their experiences with Jordan; ones that can only come from knowing him for so many years.

Thanks to those of you on Twitter who offered up questions or comments about the series that I could pose to Nate and Nigel. They respond to three listener submissions: @andgar923, @Steve_Koura and @OOffenseman.


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