In all Airness - Michael Jordan-era NBA history

Excellent Listen

Just told Adam this directly, but listening to a two-hour Paul Mokeski interview may be one of the most obscure things I've ever done in my life. Yet at the same time, nealry the entire episode was full of interesting anecdotes regarding not only Mokeski's individual career but also anyone and everyone he crossed paths with along the way. There's the time he got his nose broken by a Charles Oakley jab, the time he bribed Don Nelson with copious amounts of beer just to get a shot at joining the 1991 Warriors (he succeeded), and even the time opposing crowds threw real life chickens on the floor at Kansas.

Adam's podcast succeeds for many reasons. Chief among them, his laid back demeanor provides plenty of airspace for guests to share their stories. There's never really a time where you mistake this for a podcast starring Adam Ryan. Rather, it's an Adam Ryan production that serves as a vehicle for others to divulge their own extensive experiences in the game of basketball. He's well-researched and disarming, setting a tone that leaves virtually no stone left unturned.

If you're interested in the nooks and crannies of NBA history, this podcast may be a can't-miss.

Sept. 14, 2019 by RVD2204 on Apple Podcasts

In all Airness - Michael Jordan-era NBA history