In all Airness - Michael Jordan-era NBA history

In all Airness - Michael Jordan-era NBA history

Episodes feature former-NBA players, coaches and media. Topic-based chats, too. Adam's focal point is Michael Jordan, but he covers basketball history with his unique Australian humour.

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Adam on 200 episodes and how fans can support the show

Dec. 2, 2021

Hey, it's Adam here. A quick podcast update for you as we near the end of 2021. [ Support: Buy Adam a coffee | Amazon: USA / Australia | Audible | Booktopia | PayPal ] It's official. My recent conversation with the great Jer…

Jerry Colangelo: Chicago Bulls, Phoenix Suns, Team USA and more - Godfather of Arizona Sports - AIR127

Nov. 11, 2021

Let's welcome ‘The Godfather of Arizona Sports’, Jerry Colangelo. Jerry’s contributions to professional sports are immeasurable. In this conversation, we focus primarily on his incredible basketball journey. Jerry discusses …

Joanne Borzakian Ouellette: Reebok Global Marketing Director NBA Basketball (former) - AIR126

Oct. 28, 2021

Joanne worked with Reebok for over 15 years. Her family has links to the Boston Celtics dating back nearly five decades. Joanne details what it was like to grow up within the confines of the Boston Garden and the unique rela…