In all Airness - Michael Jordan-era NBA history

In all Airness - Michael Jordan-era NBA history

Episodes feature former-NBA players, coaches and media. Topic-based chats, too. Adam's focal point is Michael Jordan, but he covers basketball history with his unique Australian humour.

Recent Episodes

NBA trivia: player nicknames (1950s to 1990s - 30 questions via Basketball-Reference) - AIR124

Sept. 16, 2021

[Enjoy Adam's podcast? Buy him a coffee | Thanks for your support] How good is your NBA trivia? This episode is all about nicknames. 30 questions in total, courtesy of the mighty Basketball-Reference . Players from the 1950s…

Memorable NBA Games [re-release]: Dominique Wilkins returns to Atlanta (Mar 25, 1994) - Clippers at Hawks - AIR123

Aug. 19, 2021

[Enjoy Adam's podcast? Buy him a coffee | Thanks for your support] [re-release from 2015] Adam and Aaron discuss Dominique Wilkins' return to Atlanta - his first game versus the Hawks as an opposition player. Nique dropped 3…

Luc Longley: One Giant Leap - Australian Story's Caitlin Shea and Greg Hassall - AIR122

Aug. 5, 2021

I’m very pleased to welcome Caitlin Shea and Greg Hassall - co-producers of Australian Story ’s two-part feature on Luc Longley - ‘ One Giant Leap ’. Personally, this podcast episode is extra special. Luc contacted me in Jun…

Adam's 1994 NBA Tour: Iconic arenas and countless memories. Where's MJ? - AIR121

July 21, 2021

Today, I discuss my 1994 NBA tour. Approximately 20 basketball crazies here in Australia, flew to the USA for two weeks of NBA experiences we’ll never forget. It was an amazing time that I’ve occasionally mentioned throughou…

Adam on future episodes, new website and how you can support the show

July 6, 2021

Hey, it’s Adam here. A quick podcast update for you as we near the end of the first week of July, 2021. Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening behind the scenes. I have two conversations recorded that are yet to be edited. Th…