In all Airness - Michael Jordan-era NBA history

A Fantastic Show About The Golden Age of Basketball

Adam (and Aaron) have produced an amazing show about what I consider the "Golden Age" of basketball. Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time, played in an era that had unparalelled drama, action, and depth.

Adam and his guests do a fantastic job capturing that amazing time in sports history, and allowing the listener to feel the excitement of the era all over again.

The amazing thing about covering Micheal's career is that it also included the careers of many of the best players in history. Kareem, Larry Bird, Magic,, and even Allen Iverson to name a few.

This era of basketball cannot be relived, but Adam proves that the memories and emotions CAN. Keep up the great show Adam - we all love it.

Jay Scott

Jan. 6, 2017 by jscott79 on Apple Podcasts

In all Airness - Michael Jordan-era NBA history