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Outstanding Storytelling

This podcast is a must listen for basketball junkies like me. I can’t get enough of the behind-the-scenes stories from NBA insiders. Each new episode is eagerly anticipated. Great job as usual Adam. Cheers!

Top Notch Pod

I just listened to the podcast you did with Joe and it was great to hear the background of how you started, how you made contact with the many guests you've had over the years. Wonderful behind the scene info. Keep it up! Jim - @BlazersHistory

Podcast that SAVED 2020 for me.

As wild as the year 2020 was, I found this podcast on Spotify and started binging the episodes. Since I couldn’t give it a review there, here I am. I grew up in the 90s and to be able to relive memories like this is amazing. Truly an astoundingly researched and entertaining podcast. This show is a gem.


Thank you !!!!

Always informative

Enjoy the trips down memory lane!

I’m now a better NBA fan

I’m so glad I found this podcast! Adam does a great job! Great interviews!!

Excellent Listen

Just told Adam this directly, but listening to a two-hour Paul Mokeski interview may be one of the most obscure things I've ever done in my life. Yet at the same time, nealry the entire episode was full of interesting anecdotes regarding not only Mokeski's individual career but also anyone and everyone he crossed paths with along the way. There's the time he got his nose broken by a Charles Oakley jab, the time he bribed Don Nelson with copious amounts of beer just to get a shot at joining the 1991 Warriors (he succeeded), and even the time opposing crowds threw real life chickens on the floor at Kansas. Adam's podcast succeeds for many reasons. Chief among them, his laid back demeanor provides plenty of airspace for guests to share their stories. There's never really a time where you mistake this for a podcast starring Adam Ryan. Rather, it's an Adam Ryan production that serves as a vehicle for others to divulge their own extensive experiences in the game of basketball. He's well-researched and disarming, setting a tone that leaves virtually no stone left unturned. If you're interested in the nooks and crannies of NBA history, this podcast may be a can't-miss.

A+ interview

Once again Adam provides and a solid in-depth interview. I truly enjoyed your interview with the X-Man and the constant high level of *bleep* he provided LOL. Great job.... PS Bring back the bloody 87-88 season review lol.

Mr. knee-grows

I love this podcast, keep them going m8. By the way if you see Adam give him a hug for me.

A must for any basketball statistics and history fan

I grew up watching the 1990s NBA and always enjoyed learning more about previous decades and I really couldn't have found a better podcast! Both the interviews and recaps of the press from given time periods are gold! And not that I would blame them if they did, but the show exists without 100 commercial reads throughout, which i have to mention as a plus! Thanks!

Awesome and In-Depth

There is no other basketball podcast like this. Adam has vast knowledge of the game, particularly the '90s NBA which for many of us is the golden era of pro basketball. He also books many interesting guests from varied backgrounds in the sport, who all lend even more interesting insights into many aspects of the game, the players, and such. I highly recommend this podcast to any basketball/sports nerd out there!

A Fantastic Show About The Golden Age of Basketball

Adam (and Aaron) have produced an amazing show about what I consider the "Golden Age" of basketball. Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time, played in an era that had unparalelled drama, action, and depth. Adam and his guests do a fantastic job capturing that amazing time in sports history, and allowing the listener to feel the excitement of the era all over again. The amazing thing about covering Micheal's career is that it also included the careers of many of the best players in history. Kareem, Larry Bird, Magic,, and even Allen Iverson to name a few. This era of basketball cannot be relived, but Adam proves that the memories and emotions CAN. Keep up the great show Adam - we all love it. Jay Scott

An Inimita-bull Podcast

One of the best NBA-centric pods there is. Especially if MJ is a fixture on your NBA Mount Rushmore and you have an appetite for NBA history. The minutiae really take you back and help set the scene for classic league moments, such as Bird taking up a coach's offer to cancel practice if anyone could hit a half-court shot.. and swishing it. And as noted by several previous reviewers, Adam's interviews are excellent at bringing out the unique charm of each of his guests. It was especially fun hearing Rolando Blackman describe the end of regulation in the '87 All-Star game.. "Confidence, baby, confidence!!" This is a pod for true fans, by true fans. Absolutely love it. Adam and friends, please keep up the outstanding work!

Put simply: The Best

I have been listening to these guys for a longtime now, their knowledge of the history of the NBA and interviews with ex-NBA players make this one of my favourites. Do yourself a favour and get onto this one! Thanks guys!

Great Podcast

I found this podcast randomly and can not get enough. I have been listening to old ones and just listened to episode 008 with Peter vescy and was extremely impressed with the candor that was charmed out of the guest. I am recommending this to my hoops fans as it is great stuff.

Heaven For Hoops Fans

Not only does Adam bring in great guests, he’s the best kind of interviewer: Smart and straightforward, enthusiastic but not fawning, asking the questions you’d want to ask and then staying out of the way as the guest answers them. Terrific insight into a fascinating era.


All r


Unbelievable piece describing the GOATs career. I am blessed to live through it again.

Great podcast on a great time in the NBA

It used be the case w/baseball but the NBA has taken over as the league with the most knowledgeable fan base regarding the league's history. Particularly its golden age of the 80s and 90s. I have so much fun reliving those times with the players that Adam is able to get on this show. A must-listen.

Best Podcast on Jordan and the Historical NBA

I never miss an podcast episode of In All Airness. Adam does an excellent job at interview NBA legends and coaches. The reviews on Jordan's games are detailed and brings back memories of my teen years. I wish I would have thought of doing this podcast four years ago. Corey Williams

You had me at "chest pass".

Just discovered your podcast and it's fantastic. I randomly selected a few episodes to check out during a long drive and really enjoyed them. You officially won me over during episode 19 about the 1990-1994 All-Star games when you said one of the best plays was the chest pass Joe Dumars made to Robert Parrish for the dunk. Not sure why, but that brought me right back to 1990. Keep up the great work. -Jeff

Rick Barry interview was a classic!

As a fan of Rick Barry for 40 years (i.e. I must be nuts), Adam handled the NBA Hall of Famer with great open ended questions that let Barry tell his story from the past 50 years. I'm looking forward to the other great interviews on his iTunes slate!

Best Basketball History Podcast

This is a great podcast for any basketball fan that loves hearing stories about the game from the 80s and 90s. Adam gets great guests and the stories and insights give the listener a better feel and understanding for what it was like being there. These podcasts also have a great shelf life and because they are historical you can go back and listen to older episodes as well as the great new content. I highly recommend this Podcast

Great podcast! Great interviews.

This podcast is exactly what I'm looking for. Awesome sports history show with great interviews. Adam and guests seem to bring an endless amount of depth to their topics and deliver an enthusiasm that can't be faked. I'm so glad I found this show!


I happened upon this podcast on Tune-in Radio, and saw the Jim Mcellvaine interview on the list. I started listening, and found it to be everything a true basketball fan could ask for! I have now listened to about half of the podcasts, and find each one more interesting than the last. Being from Wisconsin, the T.C. and Ricky interviews were near and dear to my heart, and the behind the scenes stories from the Bob Hill interview were so good, I actually wanted Adam to let him keep talking for at LEAST another hour. How people end up in their professions, and the drive and passion that keep them there, are details i find fascinating. The Kenny Anderson interview made me go back and look up video of the GA tech vs UNLV final four game from 1990 (which was my junior year in high school). I have since sent links to all my friends, stating that this podcast is AMAZING! they are probably getting sick of me talking about it, but i cannot help myself: IT'S THAT GOOD! Keep it up Adam! cant wait for the next episode and interview! How about Detlef????

Great podcast!

If you like listening about MJ, the Bulls, and the "Golden"years of the NBA then you will enjoy this podcast! It's also great whenever they have former nba players as guests giving their insights to a particular game or moment! Keep up the good job! Hope u can get more former nba players for an interview.

Nostalgia and Passion for Basketball

Adam Ryan's passion for the NBA and specifically the 1990's era comes through in each episode of my new favorite podcast. I find myself smiling from ear to ear as I listen to insider stories from former players, coaches and broadcasters.

A great listen

These years are my favorite NBA era. If only the game were still like the old days. Adam interviews his guests with a fan's enthusiasm and asks the questions I want the answers to. Here's hoping for the Jordan episode!

Great podcast

I originally rated this podcast back in December 2012 after just listening to one or two episodes. Now that I have heard 30+ episodes, I still give it five stars. Adam does a great job in research and preparation for each interview and the whole podcast is very professionally done. If you love the NBA, particularly the 1980s and 1990s NBA, you will love this podcast. I strongly recommend it.

Informative, Unique, Passionate

There's nothing else like this show: dry humor, esoteric references, and absolute passion are the drivers here. A wonderful historical record of the Jordan Era. For fans of the game, In all Airness is a must listen.