Hey, I'm Adam. I have a passion for NBA history. I've been producing my podcast (In all Airness) since 2012. My focal point is 1980s and 1990s basketball. However, I cover all eras of the game from my home country of Australia. Guests of my show include Hall of Fame legends, NBA All-Stars, role players, journeymen and other fascinating people whose contributions - on-or-off the court - have been profound.

In 1994 - aged just 18 - I was part of an NBA tour group that travelled to the USA. We attended six games in two weeks. My only regret? Michael Jordan’s October (1993) retirement from the Chicago Bulls was just weeks after the deposit for my trip had been paid! Listen to my NBA tour recap.

Chicago Stadium

I slipped on the snow before taking this photo.


I married my beautiful wife Lisa in 2003. Our first USA trip was in 2017. We attended a Christmas Day game at Madison Square Garden. At half-time, I had the great fortune to meet the legendary Bernard King. On to Boston, our timing was perfect to meet another legend, Bob Ryan. I guested on his year-end podcast. In Philadelphia, we met Peter Capolino and his lovely wife, Fran. Peter is founder of the iconic Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Company. Our trip concluded on the West Coast, where we met with good friends Adam and Jeff (we first met via my podcast).

Yes. I wore a Bulls sweater to a 76ers v Knicks game.


We returned to the USA in February of 2020, to coincide with NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago. We were fortunate to meet many legends. We were guests of Mark Price at the 15th Annual All-Star Breakfast. The next day we attended the Legends Brunch. What an experience! Numerous players we met in Chicago have guested on my podcast. Later in the trip, we visited Las Vegas and met with Paul Mokeski and his wife.

All-Star Breakfast - Sheraton Grand, ChicagoLisa and Adam - Sheraton Grand, Chicago.


Most recently, I was thrilled to contribute additional research for Australian Story's, 'Luc Longley: One Giant Leap' (ABC Australia 2021). I have a 'special thanks' credit in all 10 episodes of 'The Last Dance' (ESPN, Netflix 2020). I'm also proud to be listed in the Acknowledgements of Roland Lazenby's iconic book, 'Michael Jordan: The Life' (Little, Brown and Company 2014).


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