April 28, 2023

Beef Brothers (Mahorn and Ruland) - 2023 Playoffs (round one winds-up), Rick and Jeff's fun / frivolities - BB5

Beef Brothers (Mahorn and Ruland) - 2023 Playoffs (round one winds-up), Rick and Jeff's fun / frivolities - BB5
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The legendary Beef Brothers (Rick Mahorn and Jeff Ruland) return for episode five.

01:12 2023 NBA Awards thus far
03:23 Rick Mahorn nominated for Washington Wizards President?!
05:12 Players who find a great fit on the right team
06:23 Kyrie conundrum
06:37 Jeff and Rick's role on 1980s Bullets
08:55 2023 Playoffs - 76ers, Nuggets and Suns advance to round two
09:47 Trae Young shocks Boston (Game 5)
10:30 Celtics vs 76ers / Heat vs Knicks (round two preview)
11:50 Heat's reliance on Jimmy Butler - who else can help?
12:45 Importance of good health in the playoffs, Embiid's return
14:18 Dillon Brooks' value and impact on Grizzlies' chemistry
16:30 Whining to refs / Dick Bavetta and Joey Crawford stories
18:33 Can the Kings dethrone the Warriors?
19:51 Hat-tip to Butler and Booker / Suns vs Nuggets (round two preview)
21:42 Rick and Jeff's funniest teammates!
26:23 Listener question: Rick and Jeff's relationship with Wes Unseld
28:04 Listener question: Origin of Rick's patented "pull-the-chair" move
29:44 Listener comment: Appreciation for 1980s Bullets making playoffs
31:54 Frank Johnson and Gerald Henderson brawl (1984 Playoffs)

Watch conversations online - episodes live on the Beef Brothers' YouTube channel. Here's episode five.

We encourage your interaction - ask questions or add comments on YouTube and the Beef Brothers will respond in future episodes. If you prefer e-mail, reach Rick and Jeff by e-mailing Adam: inallairness@gmail.com - he'll collate your submissions to read out to the guys. A quick warning that ocassional language during this series is not safe for young ears.

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