May 5, 2021

Adam guests on NBL Pocket Podcast - AIR118

Adam guests on NBL Pocket Podcast - AIR118

My friend, Joseph Corr - host of NBL Pocket Podcast - invited me on his show. We recorded this evergreen conversation in August of 2019. The episode was released on his podcast feed in early 2020.

This is my edit of the hour-long episode that Joe released. Fans of my show may be interested to hear me mention a few guest episodes that have not yet come to fruition. We also discuss plenty of 1990s NBA topics.

Joe's podcast is primarily focused on Australia's National Basketball League (NBL). Our league gained global recognition recently due to its Next Stars program, thanks largely to LaMelo Ball and RJ Hampton.

Check out Joe’s podcast if you haven't already. Search for ‘NBL Pocket Podcast’ on your podcast player of choice. I'm a fan of his interviewing style - he is matter of fact, curious and asks great questions of his guests.

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