Dec. 2, 2021

Adam on 200 episodes and how fans can support the show

Adam on 200 episodes and how fans can support the show
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Hey, it's Adam here. A quick podcast update for you as we near the end of 2021.

It's official. My recent conversation with the great Jerry Colangelo was episode number 200 overall. It was the 127th edition of 'In all Airness'. The remaining episodes are a combination of detailed season-recaps, short-form stories and a few podcast updates.

My great mate Aaron Stehn has featured regularly throughout the history of the show. We released a 30-episode series called #NB85 (devoted to Michael Jordan's rookie season). Our #NB86 series (you guessed it, chronicling the 1986 NBA seaon) is comprised of 15 episodes and #NB87 is a 13-episode run detailing the 1987 season. We're currently five episodes into #NB88 and hope to resume the series early next year. Shout-out to another great friend, Todd Spehr, for his support over the years, too.

I created this show in 2012 because I couldn't find a podcast that offered what I wanted to hear as a diehard fan of old-school basketball. Looking back on the extensive episode list, I'm very proud of my podcast. There's been an incredible array of guests on the show - Hall of Famers, All-Stars, role players, journeymen and those who have made significant contributions to the history of the game, from off the court, too. I've also made some  fantastic friendships and acquaintances over the years.

Recent updates to my website now allow fans of the show to support the podcast monetarily. Completely optional, of course. There are numerous costs involved to produce this show and with the recent rise of crowd-funded podcasts, I've finally jumped on board. You can 'Buy Me a Coffee' (more so a donation similar to the price of a cup of coffee). You can make one-off PayPal donations - if you'd prefer to make recurring payments, please contact me and that can be arranged. In the show notes of this episode, there are various affiliate links to basketball-related retailers here in Australia and the USA. By clicking on those links, you can support my show at no extra cost to you. If you make a purchase within 24 hours of visiting a link, I'll receive a small commission.

I also offer a free 30-day trial to Audible. Sign-up using my link and you'll get a credit to purchase any premium title (regardless of price). For example, if you're a fan of the legendary columninst - and repeat podcast guest - Bob Ryan, you can obtain his excellent book Scribe, by taking advantage of this Audible trial. Best yet, you can cancel anytime and still keep your purchase. If you wish to sponsor an episode of the show, that is also possible. Reach out to me and we can discuss specifics.

Your support will help offset some of the costs involved in producing the show, which is now in its tenth year. Those costs include my website / podcast hosting fees and my and audio-

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