Aug. 5, 2021

Luc Longley: One Giant Leap - Australian Story's Caitlin Shea and Greg Hassall - AIR122

Luc Longley: One Giant Leap - Australian Story's Caitlin Shea and Greg Hassall - AIR122
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I’m very pleased to welcome Caitlin Shea and Greg Hassall - co-producers of Australian Story’s two-part feature on Luc Longley - ‘One Giant Leap’. Personally, this podcast episode is extra special. Luc contacted me in June to ask if I’d be interested in doing research for the project. When Luc Longley calls, you don’t need to be asked twice. I offered some historical context and pointed Greg towards particular video footage of Luc’s career. A minor role, however, I'm extremely thankful to Luc, Caitlin and Greg for trusting my judgement.

In this conversation, we discuss behind-the-scenes details on how One Giant Leap originated. The pair talk about their experiences meeting Luc and the interview process with Longley’s family and friends. You’ll learn how interviews with US-based guests such as Scottie Pippen, Coach Phil Jackson and Steve Kerr were conducted. Of course, we examine how Caitlin and Greg managed to secure the involvement of Michael Jeffrey Jordan. They chat about how it felt to speak with one of the world’s most-recognisable names and the unique relationship between Luc and Jordan whilst teammates on the Chicago Bulls. Truly fascinating to hear.

Not in Australia? Watch here [Australian Story on YouTube].

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