Feb. 10, 2015

Michael Jordan's rookie NBA season - January 9 through 23, 1985 - NB85-16

Michael Jordan's rookie NBA season - January 9 through 23, 1985 - NB85-16

Adam & Aaron celebrate the 30th anniversary of Michael Jordan's (1984) arrival in the National Basketball Association. This episode covers:

- NBA regular season - January 9 through 23, 1985

- Insightful minutiae, all but lost to the annals of basketball history

In this episode, we discuss numerous happenings from the next 15-day block of the 1984-85 NBA season. The Chicago Bulls played eight games in this span - four wins and four losses.

We discuss Bernard King's quest to become the 'perfect basketball player', including unique training drills that prepared him for opposition double and triple-teams. We also break down the Chicago Bulls' inconsistency. They alternated losses and wins in this period of time. We talk about Moses Malone's preseason workouts with Hakeem Olajuwon, chat about the NBA's best-performing players, milestones reached - including Larry Bird's 10,000th point and Lenny Wilkens' 1,000th game as coach - and much more.

This episode continues our coverage of the 1984-85 NBA season. We encourage your interaction. Feel free to suggest specific games, moments and events from within the season, for us to cover in future episodes of the series. Thanks for taking the time to listen to the show. If you enjoy the content, please share it with your friends!

The most prominent players mentioned in this episode, include: Michael Jordan, Adrian Dantley, Phil Hubbard, Isiah Thomas, Larry Smith, Jack Sikma, Rod Higgins, Tom Chambers & World B. Free.

Chicago Bulls games discussed:

85-01-09 - Box Score: Chicago Bulls @ Boston Celtics

85-01-11 - Box Score: New York Knicks @ Chicago Bulls

85-01-12 - Box Score: Chicago Bulls @ Cleveland Cavaliers

85-01-14 - Box Score: Denver Nuggets @ Chicago Bulls

85-01-16 - Box Score: Chicago Bulls @ New Jersey Nets

85-01-17 - Box Score: Cleveland Cavaliers @ Chicago Bulls

85-01-19 - Box Score: Chicago Bulls @ Indiana Pacers

85-01-22 - Box Score: Portland Trail Blazers @ Chicago Bulls

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