Jan. 4, 2015

Michael Jordan's rookie NBA season - Bulls at Trail Blazers (Nov 24), Clippers (Nov 30) - 1984 - NB85-13

Michael Jordan's rookie NBA season - Bulls at Trail Blazers (Nov 24), Clippers (Nov 30) - 1984 - NB85-13

Adam & Aaron celebrate the 30th anniversary of Michael Jordan's (1984) arrival in the National Basketball Association. This episode covers:

- Chicago at Portland: November 24, 1984

- Chicago at L.A. Clippers: November 30, 1984

In this episode, we discuss the fifteenth and eighteenth games of MJ's professional career. We were fortunate to have access to the game DVDs, giving us plenty of topics and moments to talk about. In our first game for discussion, Jordan's Bulls visit Portland and partake in a high-scoring contest, which also doubled as the first professional meeting between the second and third picks of that year's Draft. The next game under the nostalgia microscope, is highlighted by one of MJ's most-incredible moves ever, against the L.A. Clippers.

Aside from a focus on Jordan's burgeoning career, we cover numerous sub-plots, individual milestones, amusing moments and minutiae from both games.

This episode continues our coverage of the 1984-85 NBA season. We encourage your interaction. Feel free to suggest specific games, moments and events from within the season, for us to cover in future episodes of the series. Thanks for taking the time to listen to the show. If you enjoy the content, please share it with your friends!

The most prominent players mentioned in this episode, include: Michael Jordan, Sam Bowie, Derek Smith, Clyde Drexler, Dave Corzine, Jim Paxson, Kiki VanDeWeghe, Quintin Dailey, Orlando Woolridge, Ennis Whatley, Marques Johnson, Bill Walton, Norm Nixon, Junior Bridgeman, Steve Johnson, Caldwell Jones, Michael Cage, James Donaldson, Charles Barkley, Jerome Kersey, Fat Lever, Steve Colter, David Greenwood, Harvey Catchings & Steve Jones.

Topics / articles discussed (every effort has been made to confirm exact dates):

84-11-24 - Box Score: Chicago Bulls @ Portland Trail Blazers

84-11-24 - Chicago Bulls at Portland Trail Blazers (highlights)

84-11-26 - Loss to red-hot Blazers fails to burn the Bulls

84-11-30 - Box Score: Chicago Bulls @ L.A. Clippers

84-11-30 - Chicago Bulls at L.A. Clippers (highlights)

84-12-01 - Jordan rescues Bulls – Desperate shot stuns Clippers

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