June 27, 2016

Michael Jordan's second NBA season - February 7 through 21, 1986 - NB86-10

Michael Jordan's second NBA season - February 7 through 21, 1986 - NB86-10

Adam & Aaron celebrate the 30th anniversary of Michael Jordan's second season in the National Basketball Association. This episode covers:

- NBA regular season - February 7 through 21, 1986

- Insightful minutiae, all but lost to the annals of basketball history

In this episode, we discuss numerous happenings from the next 15-day block of the 1985-86 NBA season. The Chicago Bulls played six games in this span – two wins and four losses.

Michael Jordan sought second (and third) opinions on his broken foot, before ultimately making the difficult decision to postpone his would-be (February) comeback plans. His Chicago Bulls were facing the distinct possibility of missing the 1986 NBA Playoffs, if the team's form continued to plummet.

In other NBA news, Alvin Robertson entered rarefied air, becoming just the second player in history (joining Nate Thurmond) to record a quadruple-double, in the San Antonio Spurs' win versus the visiting Phoenix Suns.

Larry Bird continued to star, as his league-leading Celtics became the first team to register forty regular-season wins. Tune in to hear this and plenty more, as we uncover some hidden gems from the NBA’s golden era.

This episode continues our coverage of the 1985-86 NBA season. We encourage your interaction. Feel free to suggest specific games, moments and events from within the season, for us to cover in future episodes of the series. Thanks for taking the time to listen to the show. If you enjoy the content, please share it with your friends!

Others mentioned in this episode, include: Herb Williams, Moses Malone, Dominique Wilkins, Charles Barkley, Michael Holton, Kevin McKenna, Micheal Ray Richardson, Julius Erving, Kyle Macy, Mike Gminski & Jeff Lamp.

Chicago Bulls games discussed:

86-02-12 - Chicago Bulls @ Philadelphia 76ers

86-02-14 - Indiana Pacers @ Chicago Bulls

86-02-16 - Dallas Mavericks @ Chicago Bulls

86-02-17 - Chicago Bulls @ Indiana Pacers

86-02-19 - Chicago Bulls @ New Jersey Nets

86-02-21 - Portland Trail Blazers @ Chicago Bulls

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