Jan. 8, 2022

One fan's campaign for Tom Chambers to enter the Basketball Hall of Fame - AIR128

One fan's campaign for Tom Chambers to enter the Basketball Hall of Fame - AIR128
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Jeff Wells is a Tom Chambers superfan. This is a super-fun conversation about Jeff’s excellent YouTube channel – TC24 – devoted to showcasing Tom’s fantastic career and advocating his worthiness for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

You’ll soon realise Jeff’s importance in relation to Tom Chambers being named a first-time nominee and candidate for the Hoop Hall’s Class of 2022. Our conversation covers the origin story of Jeff’s NBA fandom and the unique details behind his fascination with Tom Chambers. We talk about his YouTube channel and do a deep dive into the process behind the tremendous features he produces. We reference Pete Croatto's FanSided feature, too.

This episode is filled with information on Tom’s journey from high school to the NBA. You’ll also hear some snippets of audio from Jeff’s videos that demonstrate the care and precision he takes with each upload. It’s a really fun and informative conversation. You can subscribe to Jeff’s channel by searching ‘TC24’ on YouTube.

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