Jan. 16, 2015

Reflections from Inside - Looking back on NBA History - AIR050

Reflections from Inside - Looking back on NBA History - AIR050
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Thank you for being a part of my podcast journey. We've reached 50 episodes of 'In all Airness'. Here's to plenty more, as we kick-off 2015. A special thanks to my beautiful wife, Lisa, for being so understanding and accommodating of my passion for the podcast.

Thanks, too, Aaron - co-hosting 10 of the episodes (and at least - as I type this - a further 16 'NB85' episodes, too). I couldn't ask for a greater guy to have along for the ride. A huge tip of the hat to Luke - my brother; we've watched and played, countless hours of basketball throughout the 1990s & 2000s - and close friends, Todd & Reece - all advocates of the show who share a love for the game of basketball.

Of course, this show would be nothing without two crucial components - you, the listener, and the guests themselves. I won't single anyone out, however, each and every one of you contribute; allowing the podcast to occupy its own unique, online home. If you enjoy the show, please tell your friends about it. That's the best way for the podcast to grow.

I'll round out my appreciation, with a special thanks to Paul and the National Basketball Retired Players Association. I'm excited for what our future collaborations will bring.

To those who have asked, my regular interviews with great guests, will certainly continue - once the 'NB85' series concludes.

Now, on to the show. In this special episode, I'm joined by Aaron & Adam. We chat about how we first fell in love with the NBA & I detail how the podcast originated. We discuss the high-profile guests, including fellow Australians, Andrew Gaze, Luc Longley & Mark Bradtke, as well as USA greats such as Christian Laettner, Kenny Anderson and many more - plus the numerous topic-based episodes, too.

Watch the Google Hangout - recorded live on September 25, 2014 - or, should you prefer the audio-only version (via your podcast app of choice), you'll hear an edited version of the conversation - with better sound quality.

If you view the video, links for each and every podcast episode will appear on screen - as they are mentioned - for your convenience.

Show notes | I appreciate all feedback, FB Page 'Likes' and iTunes ratings / reviews.

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