Oct. 30, 2022

Rick Mahorn and Jeff Ruland - Meat the Beef Brothers (new series) - BB1

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The debut episode of a new series featuring the legendary Beef Brothers, Rick Mahorn and Jeff Ruland.

Our goal is to regularly release episodes of 45 minutes or less. Rick and Jeff share their opinions on today's NBA, before we go back in time to explore the wonders of NBA history. The Washington Bullets' Beef Brothers were arguably the NBA's most-fearsome duo from 1982 through 1985. They teamed with Greg Ballard (RIP) to form an imposing front-line.

Select episodes may feature special guests, Bullets-era teammates or adversaries from the halcyon days of Rick's and Jeff's careers. The audio is delivered here in podcast form, but you can watch our conversations online. Full episodes will live on the Beef Brothers' channel (episode two onwards), whilst an old-school-only-edit will appear on Adam's YouTube channel. Relevant links also appear beneath the video.

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We encourage your interaction - ask questions or add comments on YouTube and the Beef Brothers will respond in future episodes. If you prefer e-mail, reach Rick and Jeff by e-mailing Adam: inallairness@gmail.com - he'll collate your submissions to read out to the guys. A quick warning that ocassional language during this series is not safe for young ears.

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