March 2, 2018

Roy Hinson: Rutgers University Hall of Famer and 12-year NBA veteran - AIR081

Roy Hinson: Rutgers University Hall of Famer and 12-year NBA veteran - AIR081
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Honorable Mention All-American (1983) and NBA veteran, Roy Hinson.

Roy Hinson calls himself a “late bloomer”. His underlying talent – matched with his height – didn’t lay dormant for long. As a senior, his sudden impact on the hardwood helped steer Franklin Township High School to a 25-2 senior season, culminating in the Sectional Championship Game.

Roy details the decision making behind his choice to attend Rutgers University, where he became a standout and future Hall of Fame player. Not only did Roy make post-season tournaments in his junior and senior seasons, he also had the opportunity to fly to Europe, twice, representing Team USA (1981 World University Games) and an All-Star squad (1982 National Invitational Tournament tour).

Our conversation covers a wide range of topics. We discuss Roy’s early years in the NBA, his appearance in the 1986 Slam Dunk Contest, his trade to Philadelphia – and later, New Jersey, his home state – and the injury concerns that ultimately forced him into an early retirement. The conversation concludes with discussion about Roy’s role at the NBA Players Association, the 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend / Legends Brunch and terrific insight into the reasoning behind the jersey numbers that Roy wore throughout his career.

Links discussed (include):
* Cleveland clinch playoffs berth; despite terrible start to season
* 1986 Slam Dunk Contest

People mentioned include George Karl, World B. Free, Julius Erving, Kevin McHale, Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, Billy Cunningham, Spud Webb, Maurice Lucas, John Bagley and Ralph Sampson.

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